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Balance, dreams, goals and planning

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The creative process

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Why we shy away from giving our creations a real chance

Where did you go, inspiration?

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Getting started or unstuck

Finding the right idea

Read this before you break up with your creative project

The four steps of beginning a creative project

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Facing your creative fears

Attention, this is your creativity speaking!

What I learned from one year of facing my creative fears

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The Dauntless Creative, or What I learned about fear from the Divergent trilogy

How I overcame my fear of drawing

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A guide to creating for the self-doubter


Creativity and your creative voice

May The Craft be with you (not the other way around)

That pesky little word "art"

Reclaim your creative freedom

You decide the limits of your creative journey

Let your weird self show in your art

Stop killing your true creative voice

How to find your creativity again

Keep calm and break the rules


Sharing, selling, branding and marketing

Prescription to heal a creative share hangover

The world wants to know who you are

The fear of selling

Do you dare to share your creativity?