I'm writing a novel about that urge and what happens if you act on it. 

Julia is doing everything she's supposed to. Being a law student with excellent grades and a high profile part-time job, her parents are satisfied. And yet, she's miserable. 

When a stranger asks her to think of something she loves, all she can think of is her dead best friend. Liz. The wild, impossible girl who ended her life three years ago. She left Julia with no strength to fight for the life she wants.

But she can't go on. Exhausted and filled with a new burst of sorrow from losing Liz, she stops doing what she's supposed to and takes the first opportunity to leave it all. 

She flees with only one thought: I can't live like this. 

Ending up working on a hotel in the deep forests of Sweden, she realizes she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. Or who she really is. It's time to figure that out.



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