The Teacup Owls

Warm and cozy like a teacup…

...brave and wise like an owl.


We are the warm-hearted weirdos.

The friendly freedom-seekers.

The rebellious self-doubters.

The wild-loving creatives. 

This is our little nook, our corner in the universe.


We might be scared, but we create anyway.

We help each other do that.

We stand together in a big world.


This is an inspiring, fear-kicking, weirdo-loving, hug-friendly

email community for messy creatives.

This is a safe space to grow wildly.

Hi Teacup Owl! You're awesome. :)

As a Teacup Owl you get... 

Biweekly Monday emails with my latest blog post.

First dibs on everything I make.

And a friend, in me.