Small Moments & Big Dreams

A free workbook for finding balance between making creative ideas happen and living your day to day life. 


Doing creative work on the side of the rest of your life is hard.

There’s always something else that needs doing. You never have as much time as you’d like. And when you do have time, your energy might be eluding you.

It’s easy to wish for more hours in the week, but that’s not an option. We can make bigger changes, but slowing down your life can be a process that take years.

Instead, if we are to do the creative work we want, we need to make time for it within the lives we’re actually living, not the ones we wish we had. It’s the path I’ve chosen, writing my first novel and this blog on the side of my 9-5 job, and it’s the one I help you explore in this workbook.

How the workbook is designed

  • Small Moments & Big Dreams is a 15 page step-by-step guide with exercises and journaling prompts.

  • It follows a three step process to exploring your dream, finding your moments and choosing your work.

  • You’ll among other things explore why your creative dream matters to you, how you work best and what you want to prioritise.

  • When done, you’ll have a concrete schedule and plan for your creative work.

This workbook is for you if…

  • You have a creative idea you want to pursue, but you struggle to find time for it.

  • You aren’t interested in burning yourself out to do the work you long for.

  • You want to figure out how you can make you creative idea happen within the life you’re living now, in a slow and sustainable way.

  • You need some help to get started and decide what to focus on.

  • You want a slower way of creating and living.

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