The Teacup Owls

Warm and cozy like a teacup…
...brave and wise like an owl.

An email community of warm-hearted creatives with teacups in our hands, courage in our hearts and wild dreams on the horizon.

Join us and get my biweekly email letters that you can't read anywhere else, written to help you be your own biggest supporter in your creative life.

This is our little nook, our corner in the universe and we invite you to join us around our table.

There's room for you too.

We talk about the things that hold us back, and the things that bring us closer to our creative dreams.

We might be scared, but we create anyway. We might struggle, but we are willing to grow.

We help each other do that.
We stand together in a big world.

This is a safe space to grow wildly.


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