Plingiling. The door shuts behind you with a soft thud. You've walked into a room that looks halfway café, halfway creative studio. Around the walls gather bookshelves and easels, wooden desks with laptops and shelves filled with sewing machines, fabrics and yarn in every color of the rainbow. 

Around a table sits a group of people in cozy armchairs. Some have paint stained shirts, others have kicked off their shoes and pulled up their feet in the chair. Knitted blankets, plush pillows and bright dreams spill out around them. 

One in the gang has a chubby cat on her lap and when she grabs a teapot on the table to fill up her mug, she sees you. She waves for you to come closer and says…

Oh hi you! I'm Elin, writer, artist and tea brewer, and I host Teatime here in my creative nook. This is where we reflect on our creative lives and together untangle those messy parts that get in the way of our dreams!