This is what I value and believe in

Honoring your dreams

I believe that being true to who you are and taking your dreams seriously is a key puzzle piece to happiness and fulfillment in life. Instead of hiding our dreams away, we should be proud of them and give them the energy they deserve.

Finding the creative within you

I believe that we are all creative and that creative skill comes from hard work rather than talent. Never having created a certain thing or having tried and failed doesn't mean you can't be successful in the future, if you hone your craft.

Embracing joy and imperfection

I believe that we should embrace our mistakes, focus on the joyful process of creating and stay playful when going after our dreams. That's how we fend off perfectionism and fear.

Living your own truth

We are all different and our creative journeys will all look different. They key is to figure out what you want out of your creative life, what you value and hold on to that. 

A slower and intentional pace

When we slow down and create with intention, we can find balance and make much better progress towards our creative dreams instead of trying to do everything. A clear focus makes us both work better and with more joy.

Life-long learning and growing

I believe that understanding the world and yourself, to keep learning and growing, is important parts of life. Working through our creative struggles and finding better mindsets can truly make the whole difference.