Are you the protagonist or antagonist in the journey to your creative dreams?

When you have a creative goal or dream, the last thing you need is some nitpicky villain working against you. And what would be even worse is if that person holding you back was in fact... you.

Creative struggles have tendency to come from or at least multiply in our own heads. Fear of failure keeps us from trying, perfectionism and lack of direction keeps us from completing and with no confidence we're unlikely to get very far at all.

The good news is that struggles that live in your own head are things you can work through, and it can make the whole difference when going after your dreams.

Hi there! I'm Elin, creative dreamer and fiction writer.

My mission is to help warm-hearted creatives be the protagonist in their own story of turning creative dreams into reality. For years my creative fears held me back from writing my first novel, and working through those fears changed everything for me.

If you'll let me, I'd like to help you work through the inner creatives issues holding you back from making your wild and scary creative dreams happen.

So, creative, do you take your dreams seriously and are you willing to grow?


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