Oh hi there, I’m Elin.



I support creatives to make brave ideas happen in their own slow living way.


I’m a tea-loving, bookworm-y writer who lives in Sweden with my fiancé Petrus and our two beloved cats Alice and Pysen.

For the past three and half years, I’ve been working on my first novel, blogging and honing my photography alongside a 9-5 job.

I know it’s not easy to make your creative ideas happen when the rest of your life demands attention, when your self-doubt is loud and you’re a soul who craves a bit of quiet.

So I’m here to support you all the way through.


I believe in three intentional ways of going through the creative process

The slow way.

Our world is obsessed with more and faster, and the creative world is affected by it too. We feel we always have to be productive, we constantly lack time and we feel the need to hustle to our creative goals.

But working harder and longer doesn’t mean you create better. By helping you prioritize, simplify and make space for slow moments, I support you to build a balanced, slower and more sustainable creative life.

The brave way.

The journey from having an idea to making it reality can be a long one with many opportunities for self-doubt to stop us from moving forward. Fear should not be underestimated in how often it’s the thing holding you back.

It’s only when you find a way to deal with those feelings that you’re able to focus on creating. By helping you choose good mindsets and challenge your doubts, I support you to be brave and dare to pursue your creative ideas.

Your own way.

When learning a craft, we are helped by mirroring others and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you truly want to make a creative idea happen, you also have to find your style, your voice, your truth. Your own way.

Many of us were taught to adjust ourselves to the norm and sometimes the norm doesn’t work for you. By helping you ask yourself the right questions and see that there are different options, I support you to find your own way.


My story building a slow creative life 


My dream of becoming a fiction author started when I was a kid. I loved to get lost in books, had a big imagination and found joy in writing my own stories.

But as a teenager I was told that only the very best will be chosen by publishers and can become authors, and I decided I wasn't creative enough.

But dreams don’t just go away and for a couple of years I locked mine deep in my heart.

At university studying political science, I missed creative writing deeply. With a fierce inner critic and crippling doubt, I started to write again. I wrote in bursts and then fell into creative blocks. I didn't dare to commit, I hid and downplayed my dream. I was terrified of failing at the dream that still felt so unrealistic.

I graduated and started working an entry level 9-5 job, I struggled to write and longed for creativity. And that’s when it hit me. My fear of failing was becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy. I would never finish my book or live the creative life I wanted, because fear was stopping me.

Then I made one of my life’s best choices: I decided to face my creative fears. 

In 2016, I set out on what I called my Fear Year. With a heart beating from both fear and years of unreleased creative energy, I started blogging, opened my Instagram account, explored painting and finished a draft of my first novel. I won't tell you the whole story, but that’s when creating became a natural part of my life.


Since then I’ve kept working on my first novel, I’ve honed my photography skills and found my style writing blog posts and articles, all while working a 9-5 job.

The first year and a half, I pursued many different ideas. I ended up overwhelmed and stressed again and again, always struggling to find balance. It eventually lead me to discover the slow living movement.

I started to prioritise better and have since then been on the path to embrace a slower way of living and creating while still making consistent progress to my creative goals. And I love it.

Over the past few years I’ve learned so much about doing creative work. Now I’m putting that knowledge to use the best way I know: to support my fellow creatives making their brave ideas happen.

So if you want to make creative ideas happen in a slow and sustainable way, then I’m here to support you however I can.