Attention, this is your creativity speaking!

Creativity clears its throat loudly, a flicker of irritation shining through.

It seems that a burst of self-doubt has adjusted our course. I'm doing everything I can to get us back on track, but I need your support in this. 

If you could stop second-guessing me and let me do my job, that would be very helpful. Can you do that?


I know that it's not always easy.

Being you, the head of it all. I understand that those bursts of doubt hit you harder than they hit me. That they might have told you not to trust me.

But you know, you always could trust me. I would have been there for you if you asked me. If you hadn't chosen to listen to those other ones, the ones who don't like me or fear me, then we could have done so much together.

I will always show up if you dare to ask.

Maybe I won't always lead you where you expected, or where you wanted me to lead you. But that's my job, to not be predictable.

You gotta let me steer you. It's when you try to control me that I get pissed off. The thing is, you want me to go where others won't go, to the unknown, but you're so scared of it, that you can't let me.

What happens is that I run in one direction and you in another and we end up losing each other. Neither of us wants that, do we?

So you gotta let go. You need to allow me to do what I do best and you'll see that I won't bail on you or leave you stranded in some dark and scary place.

If you're with me, then I'm with you. 
So could you please trust me?

There is so much I have yet to show you.

Adventures you can't even imagine. Journeys that will make you dreams seem bleak. I want to take you there, if you'll let me. 

The way there is a little bit rocky. In fact, there's a few mountains to climb. Nothing too bad, but it might take us a couple of years. The dark nights might scare you, but oh you'll love the waterfalls. They're just breath-taking. 

On the top, you'll get dizzy but you'll see world in a whole new way. After being up there you're forever changed. 

After the mountains we go through a deep forest. There's no real paths there so we'll have to make our own. But that's okay, after the mountains your muscles will be strong and your heart brave.

Beyond the forest, who knows? I've not been there yet, that's why I want to take you. Thrilling, isn't it? To have chosen each other for a journey like this. 

Will you? Will you let me lead you there, and let go of those doubts that keep getting us off track? Will you trust me and let me push through? 

If you dare, then we're on the adventure of a lifetime.
Just relax and let me do my thing. 

You're the passenger on this journey, I'm the captain. 

I've adjusted our route so we're now back on track and on our way to that exciting land that is mine. 

Please fasten your seat belt, we're going down for landing! You may experience some turbulence, but you like that, don't you?