Reclaim your creative freedom

When you ponder an idea.
When you sit down to create.
When you sketch out a project.
When you decide to share or not share.

When your heart beats with improbable dreams.

What whispers of restraint do you hear?
What lessons, doubts and rules to you follow?

The voices we decide to listen to set the box around our creativity.

This is a blog post.
That's a watercolor painting.
Those are knitted socks.

Oh shut up.

What if it's a watercolor painting and a blog post and knitted socks, all at once?

What will we call it then, huh? Mixed media? Art? Weird?

He's an artist. She's a writer. Knitter. Musician. Crafter. Landscaper. Poet. Blogger. Designer. Pastry chef. Photographer. Creative.

We put labels on our boxes and shut them firmly with duct tape.

To hell with boxes. Burn the labels.
Let's fucking rip that duct tape off.

Let's make it weird.

Let's design a song.
Let's paint our knittings.
Let's write a poem with flowers.

Let's make a huge cake with a blog post written on it in chocolate, then photograph it, digitalize it and put it on a tote bag.

This is a call for you to reclaim what is rightfully yours, and that's your creative freedom.

Because here's a truth for you.

Or maybe we got all the labels, but we don't let them define us or our creations.

When we sit down to create, when we ponder an idea, when we sketch out a new project.

Then we'll let our creativity come up with the rules and solutions.

We'll let the idea decide. We'll shrug at best practices. We'll set our own limits.

We'll let it be so damn messy and complex and different.

We'll give our creativity back its freedom.

This is not rebelling just to rebel.

It's letting our limits not be defined by what history has given us so far, of what others think, but instead letting our creativity set the limits.

It's giving ourselves back the freedom to create whatever we want.