Finding the right idea

It can be hard, this time of year, if you're searching for "the one".

Everyone else seems so happy, so in love, and your life is suddenly kinda grey in comparison. You dream of bumping into it on the street, chuckling awkwardly and getting a cup of tea together. You look a little bit extra around you, wondering if it's out there... 

Whether you'll also find the idea that is right for you.

It can seem hopeless

You go on dates with creative ideas that has an air of mystery at first, but as soon as you sit down together, you realize that it's just another bore.

You date projects that seem entirely right and you're over the moon, until they get tired of you and take off. You spend weeks with ideas that turn out to be the same old idea that you dated a couple of years back. 

You may wonder if you'll ever find that one, the one that you'll want to spend every waking moment with, the one that you'll want to stick with when infatuation has passed and you're back in every day life. 

Nothing ever sticks and you keep asking yourself if it's you or them. Is it that you just can't find a good idea, or are you not meant to be creative? Maybe no idea will ever want you?

And if they do, how do you know when it really is right?

How do you know when the right idea has come alone?

Does it look different? Is there some sign? Will you feel different? You would know, wouldn't you, when that idea of your life hits on you? There would be extra especially strong butterflies in your stomach, wouldn't there?

Well, not really. This may possibly break your heart, so sit down for this, okay?

There are no "one perfect idea". 

Yup. Sorry. You can search all you want, but you'll never find one that is perfect in every way. They will make you feel different emotions and they will be a better or worse fit, but you have endless choices between ideas that you will most likely be happy with, if you dare to stick with it.

That's the problem, isn't it? Too many possibilities, too hard to choose which to pursue and stick with. So you wait for a sign that this is the one, and it won't come.

Stop waiting around and create it instead

Sometimes ideas come to us, as if they had been looking for us all our life. But often ideas are not ones that pursue us, we need to pursue them.

We need to sit down with a pen and paper and start creating. Shaping an idea that fits you, layer by layer. Making something you'll want to stick with.

So, if you feel a bit lonely and without ideas this time of the year when everyone seems to have chosen something to create, sit down and make that idea of yours. And when you do, think of this:

  • What is my strengths and passions? Can I join different ones, or make something differently by using a strength of mine?
  • What am I curious about and have been thinking that I might try some time?
  • What brings me most joy?
  • What size of an idea would fit into my life at the moment?
  • And most important of all, is there something that makes your heart beat faster, something your mind keeps going to? That might be the thing you should do next.

Be brave and pursue the ideas you like. Don't demand of them to be perfect. It's okay if it's not the idea of your life, having fun with it for a while is absolutely enough.