May The Craft be with you (not the other way around)

We have too much respect for The Craft.

We do! Just listen to this exchange that went on the other day.

The Craft said

You will write something neat and proper and interesting.

And I responded, head bowed

Yes master.

Did I ask follow-up questions? Did I challenge its judgement and come up with a more fun idea? Noooo, I just accepted, like the good little minion I am.

Here's another example. Backstory: we had plans.

The Craft said

Not now, dear. Phil invited me to a proper knitting convention, I'm gonna go. But don't start without me! Bye now!

Did I get upset and give it a good scolding? Did I pout and force The Craft to make it up to me? Did I go ahead and create without it? 

Nono. I just wondered who the hell Phil is and said

Goodbye then. Have fun!

Have fun!? We had plans! I didn't even ask if I could come too!

See where I'm going with this? 

Hi, my name is Elin and I'm a doormat.

I'm prone to letting The Craft decide how and what to make. 

Let me introduce you to The Craft so you know who I'm talking about here. 

Name: The Craft
Occupation: Making up rules for creative projects.
Favorite food: Cookies.
Favorite word: Proper.
Hobby: Ridiculing everyone who doesn't follow the rules.
Appearance: Like an mean, bossy and snobby teacher. Think Umbridge. 

The Craft is not to be confused with the softer Ms Crafty or the rebellious Creativity. No, The Craft is a self-proclaimed leader that hates mistakes.

And we follow it gladly. Or is it gladly? Maybe it's sadly.

It's time to disrespect The Craft.

You know how we do that best? We get playful.

The Craft is this overly serious leader that doesn't understand laughter or silliness.

But Creativity isn't serious in itself. It's something The Craft made it. With rules and some kind of inferiority complex to math and science, The Craft made sure that Creativity is a Very Serious Occupation.

Creativity was always an unruly, rebellious force. But we can't have that as a leader of a substantial part of society, can we? No, better hire The Craft to be the boss.

But that's all backwards.

You are not to be with The Craft, The Craft is to be with you. You're not its bitch. You're a bloody human being and The Craft is just some construction of human behavior and opinions. You're the boss. Or, if you're not the bossy type, then let Creativity lead.

That's the way it's supposed to be, not the other way around.

You should go with Creativity and play and be silly, and The Craft can sit there in a corner to give you inspiration from how others have done it.

Because The Craft isn't bad when it knows its place. Then it's just a source of inspiration and knowledge, instead of a dictator. So make it an adviser, not your boss.

Now go along and play!

May The Craft be with you. 
Not the other way around.