Let's work on your creative dreams together

Are you ready for a change in your creative life? Are you ready to go after that wild, scary and beautiful dream? Or do you just need to hit restart and figure out a new way forward?

I might be able to help you.


Is this you?

You have a wild, scary and beautiful creative dream, but you struggle to get started. Maybe you're doing other creative projects, or maybe this is your first one. Either way, there's never enough time but if you're truly honest, lack of confidence and the whisper of self-doubt are your biggest obstacles. 


You are working towards your creative dream, but you are overwhelmed and constantly running out of time while not making much progress. You long for more clarity and direction, so you can use the time you have to actually start getting the results you're longing for.


We can work on...

Strengthening your creative confidence so you dare to go after your dream.

Identify and change the mindsets that are holding you back from doing your best work.

Clarify your dreams so you get super clear on what it is you actually should be working towards.

Designing a strategy with goals, plans and a schedule that moves you towards your dreams without burning out.


I've been where you are

Two years ago my creative life was more dream than reality, and since then I've piece by piece built up my creative confidence, explored different crafts and found a balance working full time and running multiple creative projects at the same time, without burning out.

During this time, I've been writing about what I've learned and I'm now ready to take the next step. I want to become a creative coach.

But - this is new territory for me! Which means, for a limited time I will be doing free 1:1 coaching for creatives. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to get my help for free while I learn and build up my coaching practice.

Book a spot with me now before they run out!